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Dog walking

Taking your dog for a walk is an important ritual in keeping your dog mentally stable and giving him/her an opportunity to release mental and physical energy.
A dog is a walker/traveller by instinct. As Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer says, "To your dog, your backyard is like a large fish bowl in which they are trapped. Fish swim, birds fly and dogs walk. Having a dog should not be about only fulfilling our human needs; we owe it to our dogs, to give them what THEY instinctually need."


Benefits of Dog Walking:

  1. Healthy routine (facilitates pet agility, keeps weight under control and the digestive system working)
  2. Opportunity to sniff, explore and release physical and mental energy
  3. Opportunity to socialise with other dogs and people and in so doing build confidence
  4. Keeping your dog mentally stable, happy and calm
  5. Regular walks can help reduce the likelihood of many behavioural issues, i.e.
    1. Destructive (chewing, digging, scratching)
    2. Obsessive and/ or separation anxiety
    3. Dominancy
    4. Attention-seeking (barking)

NO need to feel guilty about not having time to walk your dog. Walkies can make life easier for you. We can spend quality time walking your dog as often as you need, allowing you and your dog to enjoy the benefits!


Five Basic Needs of Dogs:

Dogs are incredible animals with complex needs that must be met if they are to be kept healthy and happy.  Walkies can HELP YOU meet some of these needs.

There are over 400 different breeds of dogs, diverse in both shape and size, with each breed having specific quirks and habits.  All dogs, however, have FIVE basic needs

  1. Dogs as Social Beings
Dogs are social creatures, who need and enjoy company.  Good, quality time spent together not only strengthens the bond between you, it also leads to a strong, trusting relationship and cements your dog's position in the family pack and helps him/ her to feel happy and secure.

Dogs also need the opportunity to regularly meet new people and play with other dogs. Spending too much time indoors with only a few people or alone outdoors can cause your dog to be weary of humans and other dogs which can lead to behaviour issues.
  1. Diet
Dogs should be fed a balanced diet suitable for his/her age, lifestyle and health status. We should provide our furry animals with constant access to clean drinking water.
  1. Shelter
Provide your dog with a comfortable, dry, draught-free, clean and quiet place to rest undisturbed. If your dog must stay outside, be sure to provide a sturdy, insulated dog house.
  1. Exercise
Dogs need affection, love, and the chance to play with humans and other dogs. They crave closeness and approval.   Dogs love to play, be cuddled, scratched, petted, stroked and massaged. Your dog also loves to learn. Provide your dog with interactive toys giving him/her a chance to practice problem solving and learn new behaviours.  This stimulates your dog mentally and helps relieve boredom, stress, and anxiety.
  1. Health

Firstly, regular Vet visits, vaccinations, bathing and grooming are key to maintain the health of your pet. Secondly, it is recommended that your dog always wears a collar with an ID tag and is micro-chipped for identification purposes (helps to reconcile pet and owner if your pet is lost during a natural disaster for example). Finally, desex your dog to gain maximum life expentancy and deter many other issues associated with dogs in season. 

Walkies - Tailored to your needs:

Walkies are trained and qualified professionals who understand dog behaviour. We treat the dogs in accordance to their individual needs. We offer stimulation, companionship, exploration and engaging exercise. We only employ trusted individuals who have extensive experience in animal handling and care. Feel relaxed knowing your best friend is in the care of good hands; contact us to make a booking.

Dogs are incredible animals with complex needs that must be met if they are to be kept healthy and happy.  Walkies provides customised solutions to meet your pet’s exercise and companionship needs.

Every dog, irrespective of its breed or age, has unique needs and desires.  The type, intensity and duration of stimulation required by each dog may however differ.  While most dogs enjoy routine, some prefer variety in terms of games, environments and mental challenges. 

Healthy dogs enjoy an outing, especially one where they have an opportunity to sniff, explore and play.  Some dogs may enjoy active ball/Frisbee play, others a swim in the sea/pond or a walk through a park/reserve.   Some dogs prefer to spend time only with human companions, while others yearn for energetic play with other dogs.

Dogs crave human companionship and a chance to engage.  You know your dog and what they would enjoy doing during the day while you are at work, so contact us to help you meet your dogs ‘exercising and companionship needs.

Contact WALKIES now to schedule a meet and greet.

About Us

Walkies, the first dog walking & pet feeding company in Auckland, has been successfully operating since 2002. Our mission at Walkies is to provide services that will enhance the lives of your dogs, cats and other pets. We are not only committed to providing superior levels of pet care services but we also pride ourselves on being friendly to the environment hence the use of degradable bags while on our walking services.


We service the Auckland isthmus and North Shore


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