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Dog Walking:

Customised exercise options to suit your pet's needs. Quality attention given only to your dog/s during this period.

dog30 mins: 1 dog = $21-00       2 dogs = $27-00
dog 45 mins: 1 dog = $29-00       2 dogs = $35-50
dog 60 mins: 1 dog = $37-50       2 dogs = $43-00
dog 90 mins: 1 dog = $52-00       2 dogs = $62-00
dog 120 mins: 1 dog = $65-00       2 dogs = $75-00

* 2 dogs from same address

* Additional $5 per walkies for non-regular walks (if not existing client using us on regular basis, or new client signing up for 2 months or more) - see Terms of Trade
PLS NOTE - we do not walk & feed dogs at home while their owners are on holiday and no-one is living in the house. However, we do offer a house sitting service.

Cat Feeding:

Inside/outside feeding of your cat/s (or other pets) once or twice per day when you go away or can't get home in time (includes complimentary cuddles).

cat $19-00 per visit
*  An additional $2 is charged over and the above the standard visit rate for every cat in excess of 2 (or a set of pets such as rabbits/ guinea pigs/ fish etc.)


Puppy or Kitten visits:

Providing a loo-break, giving food/treats as well as love, affection and play-time

dog $19-50 per visit


Healing visit :

Providing a loo-break, performing a health check, offering comfort, love and affection to injured dogs/cats recovering from an operation.

dog  $21-50 per visit


Pet Taxi services:

We taxi your pets to and from their Vet, Groomers, Kennels/Cattery, new home or Airport.

dog  Cost dependent on time/ distance travelled.


Meet & Greet:

dog $25 (25 mins meet & greet) plus profile compilation. 


dog  $45-00 per evening (Service only offered to existing customers)


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About Us

Walkies, the first dog walking & pet feeding company in Auckland, has been successfully operating since 2002. Our mission at Walkies is to provide services that will enhance the lives of your dogs, cats and other pets. We are not only committed to providing superior levels of pet care services but we also pride ourselves on being friendly to the environment hence the use of degradable bags while on our walking services.


We service the Auckland isthmus and North Shore


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