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24 March, 2013

Regarding: Walkies ( and Kipu!
I offer this as a very strong testimonial, and letter of extreme gratitude, towards Walkies, the organization that without which I simply don’t know
what I would do.

Kipu is a ½ Pug, ½ Tibetan Spaniel who is almost 4 years old. He’s a special guy who loves life, people, and other dogs…and I don’t think he could imagine his routine without his daily walkie! He has been walked daily (3-5 times per week) by Walkies for well over three years now, and just absolutely LOVES it! …and not only does Kipu loves his walkies, his walkers love him too…and this has been proven time and time again over the course of the past several years.
Specifically, the Walkies group has consistently been:
  • Professional and Responsible: The standard at Walkies is very high. Kipu has a number of people that may come for his walkie during the week and they are all equally professional and responsible, as is the head office. Kipu’s walkies always show up on time, last the appropriate length (even in the rain!), and billings are done in a timely manner. Special requests have always been answered and accommodated, and I know I can rely on them. They give me every confidence that Kipu is being looked after while I am at work, away, etc.
  • Loving and Caring: Each and every time Kipu goes on a walkie a nice note is handwritten and left behind detailing his little adventure, who he met, and what he got up to. It’s such a nice touch! Also, from time to time Walkies brings treats for Kipu, and they certainly remember him at Christmas time! Walkies is much more than just a service; they are part of Kipu’s family, and they look after him as if he was their own. It really feels nice to know they are there looking after him.
  • Flexible: Whenever I have been stuck at work, or just needed some extra help (often times at the last minute), Walkies has been there for both me and Kipu. Often times they have been able to schedule additional walks and services when needed, and with little or no notice. Similarly, they have been very receptive and understanding when I’ve needed to cancel a walk when I was leaving town with Kipu, or taking a day off work, etc.
However, all of this is only the beginning. About a year and a half ago Kipu ruptured a disc in his spine. It was severe, and he was in a state of paralysis in his hind limbs. He underwent emergency spinal surgery and spent approximately two weeks in the hospital. Afterwards, he needed to relearn everything…learning how to walk, even how to use/control his bladder. At the time it was just me and Kipu, and I was working full time. Needless to say, I really needed help…and Walkies was there for us. Firstly, they sent gifts to the hospital and visited when allowed. I think Kipu was the only patient in the animal hospital that actually had flowers and cards to go along with his treats! J Then, once Kipu came home they came over to help assess the situation and put a plan in place. This involved carrying him from the house to the car, walking him slowly with a sling under his belly, making sure he was able to go to the toilet (and even assisting when necessary). The services, the care and love, that Walkies gave (and continue to give) Kipu is heart touching, and has every bit to do with Kipu’s miraculous recovery. A LOT of work and a year and a half later Kipu now runs off leash on the beach, plays freely with other dogs, and is fully enjoying a very rich doggie life! Kipu went through a lot, and Walkies was there for all of it, helping every step of the way.
Anyone reading this may feel free to contact me at 021-158-6900 if they would like to discuss further or ask any follow-up questions.
Thank you,

Dave Goldstein (& Kipu too!)

Kipu 01

Sweetie Pie & Lucky Girl
Walkies have been providing meal and cuddle services to my two kitties for
a number of years now. Without fail, every time they are reliable,
professional, and super-caring.

My cats can be a bit nervous with strangers, but both of them love the
Walkies people.

Walkies makes my busy life of work and travel both hassle and guilt free.
My kitties don't have to go through the trauma of a cattery, they can stay
home and continue to be fed and cuddled twice a day when I am away.

Thank you Walkies, you guys are just amazing.
– Erica Jenkins.

Barney & Bear:
Our two dogs await their regular walks with Walkies with high excitement and we are grateful for the consistency of the service and the high calibre of staff we have had walking our dogs. Thank you Walkies for giving the boys these high lights in their days.
- Bridget & Rod

"Having been a customer with you for several years now I have been very impressed by the communication and more importantly the great relationship my darling Tali has with his walkers."
– Melissa Ball.

Walkies walked my dog Odie five days a week for over a year. They never once let me down and I always received a note letting me know where Odie had been that day and how he had behaved. Odie is a big strong rottie but I had every confidence in the professionalism of the ladies who walked him. They were obviously very fond of Odie and took time to get to know him. I have used various dog walking services over the years but Walkies has provided by far the best service, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any dog owner, even those with a more demanding pooch.
– Clare Waldron

“We would always recommend Walkies to other dog owners. We work fulltime, have 2 children and Zara is an important and loved part of our family. We want the best for her but walking regularly during the week is tricky. Not only do Walkies exercise and stimulate Zara, they love her and she loves her walkers! Recently after being away Zara was noticeably happy once she was reunited with her Walkies ‘friends’. The personal touches like her special treat at Christmas is so appreciated. Walkies is a professional, reliable and caring necessity to our busy lives.”
- Danielle Esplin

“We have used the services of Walkies for our dog Omar from the time he was a puppy; he is now an teenager and soon to be a young adult. Walkies have been flexible if I have wanted an extra walk for Omar and the walkers have built a great rapport with him. He can’t wait to see his walker and is a happier dog for his regular outings. The notes left after each walk are great and give us an insight into how Omar’s walk has been. We are very happy with the caring and reliable service Walkies have provided for us and most importantly for Omar. I would have no concerns in recommending Walkies to any other pet owner who requires any one of the range of services Walkies provides.”
- Debbie Eastwood & Mark Marshall

“I am extremely satisfied with your dog walking service. All the girls are caring and lovely and I know Bella is in good hands.”
- Annie Thorburn

Boxer & Disco:
I have been using Walkies since 2011. The initial consultation was very thorough to get to know the dogs. The walkers have always been punctual and the written note detailing how the walk went is great.Thanks
- jo monaghan


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