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Pet Services

Walkies understands how busy life can be and how often Pet owners need help with caring for their domestic pets.  Therefore Walkies offers the following value-added services:
  • Cat feeding
Walkies can feed your cat (either indoors or outdoors) and refresh their water bowls once or twice per day.Of course, we can also clean the litter trays and bring in your post. We provide complimentary cuddles and play.
  • Puppy /Kitten Care
Walkies can visit your puppy/kitten during the hours you are at work: to provide a comfort break, companionship and for active puppies - some mental and physical exercise.  We're happy to visit in the early evenings too, which can be helpful if you have a social commitment directly after work. 
  • Other pet-care
Walkies can visit your home to feed your pet, clean cages and refresh water. If there are additional requirements, this can be discussed with us.  Our team regularly feeds chickens, bunnies, guinea pigs, birds (in cages and in aviaries) and fish. 

PLEASE NOTE - we do not walk & feed dogs at home while owners are on holiday and no-one is living in the house.

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  • Transporting pets:
Walkies can taxi your pets to and from the Vet, Groomers, Airport, Kennels/Cattery, etc.

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  • Care for  Injured or Pets in Recovery
Walkies can do a home visit to check on your pet, take him/her out for a comfort break, offer some love and companionship, administer medication and refresh water.
  • Home and pet-sitting:
Walkies offers to look after your furry child/children in their own home environment. In addition to keeping to the dog’s usual feeding, exercising and sleeping routine, he/she will have a companion and receive stacks of love. Additional complimentary services would include post collection, rubbish disposal, watering indoor plants.
Walkies, Pet Professionals you can trust since 2002!

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Walkies, the first dog walking & pet feeding company in Auckland, has been successfully operating since 2002. Our mission at Walkies is to provide services that will enhance the lives of your dogs, cats and other pets. 


We service the Auckland isthmus and North Shore


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